Automatic Climate Determined Watering Control System

Only water when you need to!

Achieve profits with an environmental conscience

AkvaSaver takes control of your existing watering system

  • Save Water

    By only watering when you need to you will not only be saving water, but waste water management as well

  • Save Energy

    No need to run your equipment when it is not needed

  • Save Money

    Save up to 75% on your current energy, water and maintenance costs

  • Save Time

    No need to keep on adjusting your watering system

  • Save the Environment

    Fresh water is one of earth's scarcest commodities and we should all be doing our utmost to preserve it

Save with Science

The Penman-Monteith equation is used to calculate evaporation

The weather station measures and provides data to the computer that calculates the current evaporation based on the following variables:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Solar radiation
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction


Whether it be open pastures or orchards


We have a number of installations in Sweden maintaining moisture content within log piles


Perfect for golf courses, playing fields and race tracks

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